On Purim and taxes

The tax collector must love poor people; he’s creating so many of them. Bill Vaughan Benjamin Franklin, in his letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, stated that “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Will Rogers added that at least death does not get worse every time that congress meets. The first known system of
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What is this “Teudat Zeut Bankai” – Bank I.D Card? Is it “good for the Jews”?

  Although the majority of Israelis still view the banking system as monopolistic at worst, oligopolistic at best, The Bank of Israel really does try to create an illusion of competition between the banks. Different moves have included prevented the take-overs of smaller banks, assisting in changing over standard orders and taking the pension funds and certain capital market activities
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Does the Financial Technology boom mark the end of banking?

At the end of the 1970’s, most of London’s double-decker busses were newly equipped for one person operations, making redundant the vast work-force known as “bus conductors”. This period was plagued by constant strikes of London transport workers, but more importantly, by a vociferous public debate about the social repercussions of machines replacing people. Little were the disputants to know
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