Residential Mortgages

Purchasing your home in Israel can be rather cumbersome; there are language and culture gaps, the legal system is different and even the property is not always true to its description.

Luckily, one stage of this process can make you feel back at home. Western Wall Street will accompany you through every stage of getting a mortgage and make sure that you receive the most attractive rates twinned with superlative service.

Western Wall Street’s mortgage application starts right now. Simply apply online and you will receive an immediate approval from one or more of Israel’s banks.

Why Western Wall Street?

Western Wall Street’s mortgage team consists of ex-bankers with over 20 years experience in the mortgage field. Together with our commercial division, we have developed outstanding relationships with Israel’s banks, guaranteeing our clients excellent mortgage terms.

  • Online approval within 10 minutes of application
  • Best interest rates and terms
  • In-house legal counsel
  • Fully licensed as real-estate and finance broker
  • English speaking service
  • An all in one   “agent – lawyer – mortgage” package
  • Secure online follow up of mortgage balance and terms through WWS secure client site

Apply now and see for yourselves why Western Wall Street is the leading mortgage broker in Israel.

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