Doughnut Nation – deep fried and deep pockets

The economic facts of doughnuts

Israelis will eat more than 47 million doughnuts during the Chanukah, and as a result will absorb about a million four hundred thousand liters of oil.

It is estimated that Israelis will consume an average of some 37 commercially produced doughnuts per household during the holiday and will spend approximately $17 million on this custom. This does not include the production and consumption of homemade doughnuts.

To produce these doughnuts will take approximately 33,000 work hours, meaning around 200 full-time jobs (on annual basis) are added to the economy. $1.6m will be spent on placing advertisements, designed by graphic artists and marketing experts.

No less impressive than the Israelis’ ability to eat doughnuts, is the Israelis’ ability to talk about the doughnuts that they eat. An estimated 250 journalistic articles will be written for local and national newspapers rating the various doughnut manufacturers, and a further 4,000 bloggers will post online articles about this custom during the eight days of Chanukah.

For anyone looking for Chanukah variety, Wallmart seems to have provided viable alternatives this year:

Wallmart chanuka

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